Being present. What does that mean to you? For me it's being still in the moment free of worries about past and future. Being aware of the present moment, helps me to become grounded and refocus.

I want to share an audio with you today. I enjoyed it and it was a good reminder of a few things I needed to hear again because I tend to get side tracked from time to time. I believe we all do.

Regardless of what your faith is, this talk given by Eckhart Tolle is insightful and will benefit anyone with an open mind to accept it. I hope you enjoy it and gain much from listening. Click the link below for download.

Live Life of Inner Peace

*This audio is for teaching purposes. If you can afford to purchase it, I suggest it.


Beautiful Sunday

Today has been awesome although I've been indoors for the duration of it. I'm going to step out now, to see friends and enjoy the evening. I hope your Sunday was fulfilling.


Sharing moments...

Sometimes appreciating another person's moment of clarity, realization or elation is just as satisfying as experiencing it yourself. I guess that explains how one person's happiness at times seems to literally rub off on those they communicate with. The same is true for the adverse of these good feelings shared. Gloom can spread gloom. Today, I witnessed a woman have a moment, while walking home with her children from school. She was pushing a stroller, stopped mid stride and said, 'It smells like down south. Exactly like down south when I was younger. The bus and everything!.' I had to smile. If only I could describe the look on her face. I can also understand how she must've felt. It's that vibration you get when you recognize a familiar scent and you're almost instantaneously transported to another time and place that somehow your long term memory has locked in from your past. Sometimes that can be pretty intense.

Anyway, with all that said, be aware and receptive to moments that are constantly happening that bring a good feeling, even if they're not personally yours. In some ways since we are all connected though, those moments partially are yours...


A thought...

Technology isn't the problem. Careless use and, or implementation of it is...



Life is amazing. It all depends on what you choose to be conscious of. Sometimes I feel like a little kid seeing things for the first time and exploring, engaging my environment daily with a clean slate...