Finding Your Sanitizer?

“Close your Outlook… or at least mute your computer.”

Celebrity journalist Adam Bernard has a pretty interesting article on his blog (Adam's World) that I thought you guys might enjoy reading about, 'finding your sanitizer'. Read it here...


Ride The Wave.

Did you ever have like the most productive, invigorating conversation that charged you up and made you ready to conquer any task? I just did. I feel like, if I really wanted to I could move a mountain. Literally. Vocal exchanges with a person that's vibrating on your wave length can be just the thing you need to give you that extra boost to get things going or help push you over that last hurdle towards completing whatever it is that you may have been stuck on. Realize your infinite potential today. Reach out and create whatever it is that you'd like to accomplish without fear or doubt. It's up to you to take control. You can do it!


Think Better.

Our Thoughts Are Powerful.
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Feeding A Few Birds With One Loaf

Someone once stopped me in the middle of a conversation when I mentioned, 'killing more then a couple of birds with one stone'. This person then suggested I say something to the effect of, 'I fed a few birds with one loaf'. I understood the sentiment immediately, and could not disagree with the suggestion.

Our words are powerful. The majority of that power lies in the intention we put behind them. Although my true intention was not to actually harm any winged creatures, the cliche I used honestly, wasn't very positive. Now, here are two quick questions: How aware are we of the language we use daily? Do some of the things that we are use to saying even make sense? Wait, I’m not suggesting that we remodel our entire way of speaking with an over analysis of each and every word that spills from our tongues in conversation. That would be madness. We aren’t robots and we should not try to be them. I’m only making a note that it is a good idea to consider from time to time what we do say with the realization of our innate ability to control not only our own personal temperament, but also the general aura of our immediate environment.

Something to consider, the next time you think to yourself, ‘hey I wonder where this old saying comes from’ or you’re not quite sure of exactly what it means, do find out. Look it up. You may discover that you’re not always saying what you intended on saying. Also, a daily affirmation is healthy. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating you, and being your own source of encouragement. This is one instance where you don’t have to feel weird about talking to yourself.


A QuickThought: Following through with our great ideas...

Inspired by a few instances of obvious syncronistic situations, I write today in a grateful spirit. One that complements my determination to move forward in my artistic and business careers.

I love Big Idea. It’s a great television program that is built around the concept of taking your ideas beyond random mentions in idle conversation or those little sketches you drew on paper napkin and tucked away in your jacket pocket to be forgotten and never actually realized. In the new year I encourage you all to make those great ideas you have real. Get focused. Make things happen and enjoy the process of seeing through a project that’s important to you. Your progress is also your neighbors inspiration. By making something positive happen for yourself, that action creates a productive energy that is contagious if you share it. You’ll be surprised how like wildfire this ‘germ’ can spread and infect your inner circle. Great thing is you won’t be sick, only motivated, helping the wheels continually turn in a direction of success for yourself, as well as your friends and family.