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I was checking out the blog of a good friend of mine and he wrote something that I think you all will enjoy.

Inspiration Direct From My Side Pocket

The other day I bought a new wallet. My old one had become tattered, or more precisely it had become more beat up than one of Houston Alexander’s recent opponents, and its thickness was starting to make it uncomfortable to sit down… bear in mind I keep my wallet in my front side pocket. So after going through the bins at the skate stores at the mall, which happen to be the only stores that I could find that sold wallets, I settled on a slim Element one (FYI – it turns out skate stores also have some of the nicest employees. Props to Zumiez on that). When I returned home and was taking all of the filler cards out of it I was given some inspiration from a very unexpected source as one of the cards had a message printed on it. Click here to read the rest.


Write A 'Thank You' Letter...

I'm writing thank you letters today. Why? Well for a few reasons, all of which are interconnected. There's but so much I can get accomplished in a day if my mind is running in a million and one directions. Think of it as the notorious Windows operating system. If you check the processes running in the background along with programs you have open, add to that malicious software that may have crept past your trusty firewall, oftentimes you end up with a slow and stagnant working environment. Once you’ve purged those threats to your hard drive and have done a little maintenance to optimize your pc's performance, you're ready to get back up to speed and knock out any tasks that need to be handled. Writing thank you letters for me sort of works the same way.

It's rather easy to be detoured from your path and focus by situations in life that snowball from what was once something simple that could have easily been resolved, but left to marinate it somehow mushroomed into a tangible tension. If we take our focus away from these issues and redirect our attention towards being grateful and step outside ourselves to praise others, we gradually remove the tension. We change our vibration. By writing notes to friends, family and whomever we share a positive energy to brighten the day for another individual.

So as an exercise today, I am writing thank you letters to everyone that comes to mind. The actual thought and preparation for this has already adjusted my temperament and has given me a nice feeling to begin my day with. The anxiety and stress I felt upon waking has almost magically vanished.


Enabling Your Intentions: A Simple Exercise

If you’ve already been on your quest partaking in various studies and techniques involving manifestation and inner self development this will be a refresher exercise in intention. For those of you who haven’t, let me be the first to introduce you to a simple method of bringing what you want in life to the forefront so that you can better attain these desires. (My focus has never been on material riches, perhaps being independently sound and or financially secure so don’t expect anything of a get rich nature being spoken of).

Alright here’s the exercise. It’s incredibly simple. Take a moment. Grab a pen and a piece of paper or open up a notepad file. Now, write down what it is that you truly want for yourself, your family, friends or generally the world around you. Your intentions are powerful when they are pure and genuine. When doing this exercise, anchor the intentions you list by saying, ‘I choose’ or ‘I intend to’. You are setting a precise precedent for what you will ultimately create in this present moment. The following is an example of a list I recently made for myself that I sent to my companion. Oftentimes we need to remind ourselves what it is that we want and in order to regain focus, seeing these things right in front of us is helpful in getting us back on track.
  • I choose to walk the path of least resistance.
  • I choose to create peace and tranquility for myself and others.
  • I choose to lift my energy vibration to a constant level to continually create the things that I desire.
  • I choose to be motivated and motivate others regardless of what the rest of the world is doing.
  • I choose to be a beacon of strength for my companion.
  • I choose to be patient with those trying to make changes in their lives.
  • I choose to be aware.
  • I choose to share unconditional love and understanding with my companion.
  • I choose to be happy. I choose to be grateful.
  • I choose to be clear in mind and remove all clutter from thoughts.
  • I choose to be selfless and generous.
  • I choose to listen intently to those that need an ear.
  • I choose to magnify all that is progressive that I discover or I am informed about.
  • I choose to be an example to those in doubt of what power we have and can execute if we put our hearts into it.
  • I choose to follow my hearts desire no matter how foolish, strange or irrelevant others may think it is.
  • I choose to be an encouraging and motivational being in the life of the woman I love.
  • I choose to be a reminder of what can be and will be once we decide to focus and manifest what we want.
  • I choose to follow through with all endeavors that I started and complete all task that have some how come to a halt.
  • I choose to be one with the moment and acknowledge that greatness that we encounter daily but tend to overlook in our haste to be busy.
  • I choose to remove all traces of doubt, worry, anger and confusion realizing that these things only help to contribute to the slowing of my growth and potential to create momentous things in the present.
  • I choose to love everything that you are and strive to be.
  • I choose to be your provider of a constant source of love that you can pull from at any moment.
I hope that wasn’t too long. I really wanted to share something that has been very helpful to me with you.

Have fun with this exercise. Do not feel pressured to write the longest intention list ever written. No, the main purpose is to use this method to get you lined up and square with those things in life that you want to create for yourself. Not later or the next week. Right now. Once you realize your power and begin to exercise it, it will grow and become stronger. Like the fitness gurus would assure you before a focused and intensive fitness program, ‘You will see results!’.

Enjoy this exercise and share it with someone that you care about. Steel sharpens steel. Sharing anything that helps you will only serve to help others and create more power to affect change in your immediate life circle.


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