Seven Days In

Seven days into this new decade I'm feeling great in spite of recovering from a bit of exhaustion, my spirit is intact. For that I am grateful and I believe making a concerted effort to maintain an elevated vibration in the midst of my body's recovering efforts has helped to speed up the process.

Rewiring your brain to get the best out of your day to day may seem a daunting task considering the number of years you've been on this planet possibly equates to the number of years of conditioning you'll have to reverse. Fret not, if your mission is to make changes in your life you can make them. Take control and believe.

It wasn't easy but, I've subscribed to my own theory of hey you know what, all I have to do is do what makes me happy. Enjoy my everlasting moment. Some folks can't fathom a statement as such, but what really is the alternative? It's human to be miserable. You couldn't possibly try and be happy all of or most of the time.
For many of us there's the battle of what is 'supposed' to be. What is normal? I know personally I'd gotten to the point of not being able to appreciate when there wasn't anything stressful going on and began to seek it out. That's not healthy. It is truly unnatural. Pure poison. It's that energy, compiled with anxiety and every other negative impulse that contributes to sickness; physically, mentally and spiritually.

Before we can harness the powers we have inherently to do well, be well and live successful love filled lives, we've got to filter out the distractions that prevent us from doing so. We must begin to eliminate those immediate things that impede our progress. They can come in the form of unhealthy habits or even individuals in our lives that just don't jibe with us being the best we can be. That within itself is a process. It will not happen over night.

Its up to you to make the effort to better your own life, but know that you've got support even if doesn't feel like it. If push comes to shove you've got this blog. If you need help finding the best way to move forward there's nothing wrong with reaching out. One of the biggest factors involved in making life transformations is realizing that even though you are in total control of your own life, you can't possibly do it all on your own. It doesn't make you dependent or incapable. It just makes you human. We're all connected anyway, so no big deal.


My Formula For A Productive Day

I went to sleep at a reasonable hour, so I woke up before the sun rose and feel pretty good as I'm writing this post today. It's the first full work week of the new year and I've set my sights high on productivity and vibrating a peaceful energy. I'm not a huge fan of formulas or formulaic approaches to life in general, but have to admit that a few set paths toward doing any task in order to see it through to completion can be very beneficial. So today, I offer up an idea or suggestion if you're so inclined to engage in the action, of creating a daily preparation method that suits you, so you may be your most productive throughout the day.

I'd decided last night before I went to bed pretty much that I would make sure that today would be a great one. I was cool and calm. I relaxed myself and zoned out thinking of nothing much other then the fact that I'd wake up before the sun and stretch. That was my start. Nothing too complex. Just setting the mind at a pleasant point and kind of visualizing a peaceful morning. A key factor in making it become a reality. Often we have the idea that we'd like to do something but do not follow through. Don't beat yourself over the head about it, we all do it.

My formula was basic. I woke up. Loaded my play-list with a Japanese Koto Consort album, turned it up and went into the kitchen to put a pot on with water to boil. I rolled out my yoga mat. Prepared a cup of peppermint ginger tea and proceeded to get my mind together for a calming and invigorating stretch. Listening to the music and imagining being in a very serene and tranquil location help to release any tension that existed in my body. I became one with the moment, and genuinely enjoyed my experience with myself. I wrapped up my stretching session, and took a warm soothing shower that furthered the feelings of comfort I'd been building since I awoke this morning. While in the shower I let my mind wander about and had the grand idea to share my experience with you, hoping that the enjoyable results of my motions today would also benefit you, if you so needed some sort of motivation.

My formula was created to put me in the proper mindset to get work done today efficiently. In order for my productivity to be optimal I personally have to purge myself of all anxiety about getting things done. I need to be comfortable and at ease to get the best out of me. My steps began last night as I lay in bed contemplating making today productive.

I uploaded that record I like so much. Perhaps you'll dig it too.

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